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Marian Anderson (February 27, 1897 - April 8, 1993) was an African-American contralto who was denied permission to sing at the DAR Constitution Hall in 1939 by the same organization who built the building: the Daughters of the Constitution(DAR).

Washington, D.C. was segregated at the time and the DAR also had a "white performers only" policy which inhibited Anderson from performing there.

In response, then-First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt, who was a member of the DAR, immediately resigned her membership with the organization.

Afterwards, the DAR apologized to Miss Anderson and invited her Constitution Hall on several occasions, including, a benefit concert in 1942 for war relief during WWII.

However, the DAR did not officially renege its "white performers only" policy until 1952.

This is evidenced by the organization's exclusion of other black peformers, such as Jazz singer Hazel Scott.

Note: Sol Hurok (Marian Anderson's manager) encountered this issue for the first time in 1936, when he tried to gain permission for Anderson to perform there.

The incident in 1939 was his second try with the help of the NAACP and Howard University.

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Daughters of the American Revolution

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Q: What organization prevented Anderson from singing in Constitution Hall in Washington DC?
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