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Q: What organizing principle or principles are used in this paragraph?
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What organizing principle or principles are used in a paragrah?

Cause and effect

Is 'principle' used as a verb?

Yes, principle can be used as a verb meaning to equip with principles.

What are the two principles used to assess fairness of a tax?

Benefits principle and Ability to pay principle.

What are the principles of the paragraph development?

Schaffer paragraph - The Jane Schaffer paragraph (commonly known as a Schaffer paragraph, Schaeffer paragraph, or Schæffer paragraph, and misspelled as Shaffer paragraph and Shafer paragraph) is a five-sentence paragraph developed by Jane Schaffer, used to write essays. The paragraph only makes up one of many paragraphs...Principle of maximum work - In the history of science, the principle of maximum work was a postulate concerning the relationship between chemical reactions, heat evolution, and the potential work produced there from. The principle was developed in approximate form in 1875 by French chemist Marceline Berthelot, in the...Equator Principles - The Equator Principles (EP) are a set of environmental and social benchmarks for managing environmental and social issues in development project finance globally. Once adopted by banks and other financial institutions, the Equator Principles commit the adoptees to refrain from financing projects...

What is a principle or set of principles used to explain an event or phenomena?


What are 3 common techniques used in organizing persuasive essays?

The introductory paragraph, the body, and the concluding paragraph

How are the principle of art used in creating works of art?

how are the principles of art used in creating works of art

What principle is used in hydraulic systems?

Many principles are used in hydraulic systems the basic being the Pascal's law

What of the fallowing transitional words is Likely to be used in an essay that uses the cause and effect organizing principle?

The transitional word "therefore" is commonly used in essays that follow the cause and effect organizing principle, as it indicates a logical result or conclusion based on the preceding information. It helps to link the cause and effect relationship between different points in the essay.

Which principles are to be followed for the conservation of water?

First Principle - Conserve water whenever possible Second Principle - Reuse water whenever possible Third Principle - Know where and how water is used Fourth Principle - Continually evaluate water use requirements

Which organizing principle is used to increase the overall efficiency and effectiveness of a JTF?

The organizing principle used to increase the overall efficiency and effectiveness of a Joint Task Force (JTF) is unity of command. Unity of command ensures that all individuals within the JTF are clear about their roles, responsibilities, and reporting structures, reducing confusion and duplication of effort. This principle helps streamline decision-making processes and improves coordination among different units or organizations working together in the JTF.

What are the remaining basic principle upon which the constitution is built?

There were six basic principles that the constitution was built on. Popular sovereignty, limited government, checks and balances, separation of powers, judicial review, and federalism were the principles used.