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Q: What other groups have turned to the Supreme Court to protect their Civil Rights?
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In a 2004 case involving the issue of whether a US citizen accused of terrorist acts is entitled to constitutional protections the Supreme Court held that such citizens?

In the 2004 case Hamdi vs. Rumsfield the Supreme Court held that citizens accused of terrorist acts are entitled to constitutional protections. Hamdi, a US citizen was captured in Afghanistan and turned over to the US military. He was classified as a enemy combatant.

What supreme court case established rights to due process?

Found two... they seem pretty famous.. the first was actually turned into a move featuring Henry Fonda as Gideon.. (Gideon's Trumpet -1980 TV Movie - Very good Movie by the way) ; 1963: Gideon v. Wainwrightguaranteed a defendant's right to legal counsel. The Supreme Court overturned the Florida felony conviction of Clarence Earl Gideon, who had defended himself after having been denied a request for free counsel. The Court held that the state's failure to provide counsel for a defendant charged with a felony violated the Fourteenth Amendment's due process clause. Gideon was given another trial, and with a court-appointed lawyer defending him, he was acquitted. ; 1966 : Miranda v.Arizona was another case that helped define the due process clause of the 14th Amendment. At the center of the case was Ernesto Miranda, who had confessed to a crime during police questioning without knowing he had a right to have an attorney present. Based on his confession, Miranda was convicted. The Supreme Court overturned the conviction, ruling that criminal suspects must be warned of their rights before they are questioned by police. These rights are: the right to remain silent, to have an attorney present, and, if the suspect cannot afford an attorney, to have one appointed by the state. The police must also warn suspects that any statements they make can be used against them in court. Miranda was retried without the confession and convicted.


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What is the maximum age limit for US Supreme Court justices?

There are currently no age requirements mandating retirement of Supreme Court justices, although Congress has entertained legislation hoping to encourage earlier retirement in the past. Their efforts are hampered by a constitutional provision of Article III that says justices shall "hold their offices during good behavior," which prevents Congress from mandating retirement unless the justice becomes mentally incapacitated. Justice Oliver Wendell Holmes, Jr., served on the Court until he was 90 years old; Justice John Paul Stevens, an incumbent on the Court, turned 90 in April 2010. Some states require their supreme court justices retire at a certain age, which varies by state.

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What other groups have turned to the Supreme Court to protect their civil right?

Bill of Rights and The Fourteenth Amendment.

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A big one was the Jim Crow Laws, separate but equal. This in theory did not remove the rights to due process to colored people, or deprive them of their rights for life liberty and property. Obviously in practice it did, and was over turned by the supreme court.

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