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blah blah blah blah!!!!!

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It sunk

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Q: What part did the speedwell play in the pilgrims' voyage of America?
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In what part of North America did the pilgrims write that they would plant the first colony?

Why did the pilgrims leave England How did the pilgrims travle to America When did the pilgrims first see America

What part of America did Thanksgiving begin?

It started in Plymouth--when the Indians and the pilgrims united.

What was the historical significance of the pilgrims?

The historical significance of the pilgrims can be seen in various colonial foundations in America. They also played a very significant role in the formulation of part the constitution.

Where did Columbus think he was on his first voyage?

Columbus thought that he was in Asia on his first voyage. What he did not know was that he was in America.

What ships brought pilgrims to America?

speedwell and mayflower the speedwell was the one that didnt make it

What is the name of the ship that brought pilgrims to America?

The Mayflower was the ship that brought the original Pilgrims to America.

Why Portugal not finance the voyage of Columbus?

Portugal did not finance the voyage of Columbus because they knew America stood between Europe and Asia. They were visiting Brazil on a regular basis and knew it was not a part of Asia.

Is the Dutch colony part of the Pilgrims?

AnswerYes The dutch is another name for pilgrims. They came to America for religious freedom. Actually the Dutch Colony was not a part of the Pilgrims that colonized America. The Dutch established the colony of New Netherland - which is New York today.The Pilgrims were very strict with who lived in their colony and only allowed people who worshipped and believed as they did. There are several examples of individuals who were kicked out the the Pilgrim colony and they ended up living in New Netherland because the Dutch colony was very ethnically diverse, welcoming everyone.

Ships that brought the pilgrims over?

mayflower (6km)

Where did the pilgrims part from on there way?


What name was given to the part of North America first seen in or about 986 by Bjarni Herjlfsson who was driven there by a storm during a voyage from Iceland to Greenland?

It was probably the part of north America later named Vinland by Leif Eriksson, but its location is still uncertain.

What were the three first ships that brought the pilgrims to America?

There were only two ships that sailed with the pilgrims on them. The first ship was called the Speedwell and it had to turn back because it leaked. The second ship was the Mayflower and it landed at Plymouth Rock.