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The Civil Rights of the Department of Justice that was created in 1957 is part of the justice department. The Department of Justice is led by the Attorney General who is an appointee of the president.

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Q: What part of the constitution is the justice department?
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What does the Department of the Justice do?

The Federal Bureau of Investigation is part of the Justice Department. They solve crimes.

Is the president entirely in charge of department of justice?

Yes. The department of Justice is under the President. The Attorney General heads it and he is a cabinet member.

Is the Justice Department part of the US?

The United States has a Department of Justice in the Federal Administration, and most states have something with a similar name. They are sometimes called the Justice Department. But many other countries also have Departments of ministries of Justice.

What branch of government is the FBI under?

US TREASURYExecutiveLegislativeJudicial TeTe

Is FBI part of homeland security?

No, homeland security is more of its own department.

What department oversees the FBI activity?

The FBI id overseen by the United States Department of Justice

The Department of Justice belongs to which branch of government?

There are three branches of government: the executive branch, the judicial branch, and the legislative branch. The Department of Justice belongs to the executive branch.

Which office is NOT part of the Department of Justice?

united states secret service

What branch of government are the FBI and the DEA are part of this?

US Department of Justice

The department acts as the in court attorney for the internal revenue service?

Department of Justice

Does the Justice Department fall under the Judicial Branch?

No. It is a part of the Executive Branch.

Which US executive department is not headed by a secretary?

The US Department of Justice (DOJ or Justice Department) is headed by the Attorney General.