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Q: What pistols were used in the Revolutionary War and how?
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What are the Revolutionary war pistols made out of?

It was made out of Oak wood and metal from the master Blacksmith in the town.

What pistols were used during civil war?

black powder pistols

What was Andrew Jackson's weapon?

Andrew Jackson was a soldier during the Revolutionary War. He probably used a musket during the war. Also, some officers used swords during the war. Flintlock Pistols were secondary weapons during the war. Also, he might have fired some cannons while a soldier.

What items did the Revolutionary War use?

Powder, Flint, and lead balls for the muskets and pistols. Cannons (Artillery) used metal balls, powder, and a fuse/fire torch/stick.

What are the names of the Revolutionary War weopons?

They were muskets, knives, cannons, pistols, and rifles. And muskets and rifles are different

What device was used in the revolutionary war that decapitated?

No device decapitated people in the revolutionary war. It was in the French Revolution that the guillotine was used.

What were some of the weapons used in the civil war?

§ Muskets §Pistols §Knives

Were red coats used in the civil war?

no, that was the revolutionary war

Is it the American revolution or the Revolutionary War?

It doesn't matter. It is commonly used "the revolutionary war" but either way is fine.

Why was zinc used in the Revolutionary War?


What animals were used in the Revolutionary War?

Horses were widely used in America's Revolutionary War. Dogs and birds were other animals that were also utilized for the war effort.

Why was the continental constitution called in the Revolutionary War?

The original constitution used during the Revolutionary War was called the Articles of Confederation.