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the trees first was there

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Q: What plants were in the Cenozoic time era?
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Is the the Cenozoic era the last era?

As a matter of fact, yes! We are still in the Cenozoic Era in our current time.

What plant is competely extinct in the Cenozoic Era?

Many of the forest plants became completely extinct in the Cenozoic Era. However, the plants that thrive today became rooted during this period.

Which group of organisms has survived the Cenozoic era most unchnged?


In which geologic era did humans appear?

Humans appeared during the Quaternary period of the Cenozoic era, which began around 2.6 million years ago. This era is marked by the development of modern human species and the emergence of Homo sapiens.

Which describes the correct order of the geologic time scale from oldest to most recent?

ok im going to start off by saying this, the last answerer is stupid, and doesnt know what he is talking about. it goes from: PERIOD ERA EPOCH there you go ;)

What kinds of plants lived in the Cenozoic era?

During the Cenozoic era, which began around 66 million years ago and continues to the present, there was a diversification of plant life. This era saw the rise of flowering plants (angiosperms) that dominate terrestrial ecosystems today, as well as the spread of grasslands and the evolution of many modern plant families. Additionally, forests with trees like oaks, maples, and conifers were prominent during this time.

What is the time or era for Age of Mammals?

The Cenozoic Era is the Age of Mammals!

What era or time is the age of mammals?

The Cenozoic Era is the Age of Mammals!

Which era had the greatest amount of mammal life?

The Cenozoic Era has the greatest variety and quantity of mammalian life.

What are geologic events of the Cenozoic era?

An event that happened would be the ending of the Ice age and the beginning of mammals and plants, or even the formations of the major landforms we have today. Such as the beginning of the Alps, or the Himalayas. The pollen and fruit count even increased through the Cenozoic Era.

What is the most recent geological era?

The Cenozoic era

What are four divisions of geological time?

Precambrian Era, Paleozoic Era, Mesozoic Era, Cenozoic Era