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You don't specify which time period. This is why it's a bad idea to copy-paste your homework questions onto the internet.

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Q: Why was this time period considered a new era in politics?
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What period is considered the classical period or era?

1750 to 1820

How long is an era of time?

An era of time can vary in length depending on the context, but generally, it is considered to be a long and significant period in history, typically spanning hundreds to thousands of years. Examples of eras include the Jurassic Era, the Industrial Era, and the Modern Era.

Which is a bigger unit of time era or period?


Put time divisions in order from longest to shortest?

Eon, Era, and Epoch: APEX :D

What time period was in 1937 to 1945?

They are NOT considered WWII years. 1939-1945 are considered WWII years, as are 1941-1945. By stretching it, 1937-1945 might be considered WWII "ERA".

What is the everyday word for period of time?

A period of time is commonly called an era.

What is a synonym for time period?


Historical period of time?


Which period of Earth's time would be considered the longest?

The period of Earth's time that would be considered longest is the Precambrian Era.

What era would the Philadelphia convention be considered part of?

At the time of the American Philadelphia convention, several terms can be considered to be descriptive. One term is that the "convention" was part of Colonial America, and British American colonial era. Also, many people will associate this to the American Revolutionary period or era.

Is the Quaternary Period considered part of the Cenozoic era?

Yes. The Quaternary Period is part of the late Cenozoic.

Why was the period 1820-1850 considered a golden age for Tennessee politics?

The reason this era was known as the golden age of Tennessee politics is because Tennessee political leaders had a considerable amount of influence on the affairs of our government. i know this because you should just look it up in the Tennessee blue book......