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it is called the "the era of wonderful nonsense" because during the 1920s when flappers where rising and doing all sort of things that didnt make sense(inappropriate), it was considered nonsense. and if you break down the meaning of the era of wonderful nonsense, it will me the time when people did nonsense. (hope you found it helpful!)

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Q: Why is it called the age of wonderful nonsense?
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What is another name for the jazz age?

Roaring TwentiesBallyhoo YearsGolden Age (or Golden Years)The 1920'sThe Decade of ______ (Fun, Partying, Celebration, or Music)The Years of Wonderful Nonsense

Another nickname for the roaring twenties?

The Dollar Decade ORThe Jazz Age:)The Era of Wonderful Nonsense

Why was the 1920's call The wonderful of nonsense?

because of the charlston dance and bannd of the alcohol nonsense

How does this title the roaring twenties fit with the great depression?

The 1920s was called various names such as "The Jazz Age," the Age of Intolerance," and the "Age of Nonsense."

How do you make sense out of nonsense?

By censoring the sensible cents the nonsense scents sent. No the answer is by adding non = nonsense e.g. enc+our+age= encourage.

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What do you call a person who talks nonsense?

A person who talks nonsense can be called an eccentric, a babbling fool, or a gibberish speaker.

What was not a nickname of the 1920s decade?

the 1920's where called the Roaring twenties, the Jazz age And the era of wonderful nonesense. But it was never called Booming Twenties

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