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Q: What political party was Henry Clay in?
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The conflict between president tyler and whig leaders like Henry Clay?

The conflict between President Tyler and the Whig leaders, like Henry Clay, arose because the Whig Party controlled Congress. The major conflict was that the Whig Party wanted to establish a national bank and Tyler did not support it.

What was the political platform for the whig party?

The Whig party grew up largely as an opposition party to Andrew Jackson's Democratic Party. It was strongest in the old Federalist strongholds of the Northeast and the old-line Southern states. Some noted Whigs leaders were John Quincy Adams, Henry Clay and Daniel Webster. The party elected its first president in 1840 . It also won in 1848 but was soon divided over slavery, The Republican Party was formed and that was the last of the Whigs.

Who created the compromise of 1850?

The Compromise of 1850 included five separate bills that passed Congress to defuse tension between the slaves states of the South and the free states of the North. Henry Clay devised the Compromise and passed it with the help of Stephen Douglas.

What political offices did Henry Clay hold?

Henry Clay's first public office was as a Kentucky Legislature. He then became a U.S Senator and then a House Representative. Then he was the Speaker of the House. In 1824 he ran for president but couldn't win so he threw his support to Adams. As a result Adams defeated Andrew Jackson for the presidency. Then Adams made Henry Clay Secretary of State. A lot of people accused Clay and Adams of making a "Corrupt Bargain," (Clay would throw support to Adams in exchaneg for being made SoS) though historians are generally divided on that issue. Later he was given a chance to move to the Supreme Court but declined. He was a senator at the time of his death.

What is Dave Stewart's political party?

What is dave stewart's political party?

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What political party was Andrew Jackson apart of?

the henry clay

Who was given the nickname the Great Pacifier?

Henry Clay, the political leader of the Whig party.

What party did Daniel Webster and Henry Clay lead?

They were members of the Whig party. Henry Clay formed the Whig party from a mix of groups, including National Republicans.

Who was James K. Polk's opponet after the final party nominations?

The 1844 Whig Party Presidential Nominee was Henry Clay. That was the third U.S. presidential election in which he represented a major political party.

What issues did Henry clay champion?

Henry Clay Champion struggled with political issues. This is part of the Bank War.

What political party does Henry belong to?

Brad Henry belongs to Democratic party.

Was Henry clay federalist?


Who did Henry Clay support for president in the 1824 election?

In 1832, Henry Clay was nominated by the National Republican Party, which later evolved into the Whig Party.

Who was the first presidential nomineefor the Republican Party?

Henry Clay

Who led the Whig Party and supported policies that helped Northeastern business and industry?

Henry Clay

What political party was Patrick Henry ?

Anti-Administration party

Small anti-slavery party that took enough votes from Henry Clay?

Liberty Party