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Polk was in the Democratic Party, founded by Andrew Jackson, which was the Democratic Party . At that time, the two major political parties in the U. S. were the Democrats and the Whigs.
he was in democratic party founded by andrew jackson.

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James K. Polk was a member of the Democrat party. He served as the 11th United States President from 1845 to 1849.

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Q: What political party was James Polk in?
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Which political party did James k. Polk belong to?

Democratic party

What presidential party did James K. Polk belong to?

James K. Polk belonged to the political party of Democrats. He was the 11th elected president of the United States.

Who was President during the Mexican American War and what political party did he belong to?

President James K. Polk, he was a member of the democratic party

Who is James Knox Polk?

James Knox Polk was a U.S President from the Democratic Party. He was the Eleventh president of our country.

Who was James K. Polk's opponet after the final party nominations?

The 1844 Whig Party Presidential Nominee was Henry Clay. That was the third U.S. presidential election in which he represented a major political party.

What was James K. Polk's previous political experiences?

He was a politician

What was James K. Polk's politiical party affilation?


What people influenced James K. Polk?

The democratic party

Why was President James Polk nicknamed Young Hickory?

"Old Hickory " was a nickname of Andrew Jackson. Like Jackson, Polk was from Tennessee and Polk was sort of a protege of Jackson-- Jackson supported Polk.

Who were important people to James K. Polk's life?

The Democratic party was one.

Who lost the election to James Polk?

In the 1844 presidential election, Henry Clay lost to James K. Polk.

What is the political party of ita Solomon James enang?

The political party of Senator ITA SOLOMON JAMES ENANG is Peoples Democratic Party.