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The Democratic Party, by far.

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Q: What political party would be most likely to support the exploration of alternative sources of fuel in order to preserve our natural resources?
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Energy conservation by using alternative sources?

By using alternative resurces (most of which are natural and reuseable), people can conserve the energy that comes from finite resources. This helps to preserve those resources and also reduce the heavy waste that usually comes with them.

Why is it essential for us to preserve natural resources?

Simply because - natural resources are not an infinte quantity. Eventually, allfossil fuels will run out - forcing mankind to seek alternative energy sources !

How can you preserve natural resources?

Ride a bike.

What is the two reasons why alternative energy sources may be important in the future?

· To protect against harmful by-products of major sources of energy · To preserve many of the natural resources that we currently use as sources of energy

Conclusion for conservation of natural resources?

Conserving natural resources is important. These resources are finite, and will not be able to be replaced once they run out. To preserve our quality of life, as well as the quality of life of the planet, it is vital to preserve and conserve these natural resources.

What is being done to preserve natural resources?


Are environmental scientists unconcerned with methods to preserve natural resources?

It would be false to say environmental scientists are unconcerned with methods to preserve natural resources. Persevering natural resources is a priority among many environmental scientists.

How do you preserve the wonders?

you leave the wonders undisturbed thus keeping the woders of the world preserved

How can people preserve your fresh water resources?

Simply by not wasting it.

Which is the best way ti make resources sustainable?

we can preserve sustainable resources by helding awareness programme.

What were their political and military goals at the start of the war?

To preserve the RVN.

How does Australia make up for the resources that are in short supply?

It can import some resources. It can use those that it has more efficiently so as to preserve the resources.