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San Francisco is a west coast port city. So is San Diego and Seattle Washington.

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Q: What port city is on the pacific coast?
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Idaho has futhest inland pacific port on west coast what city is it located?

Lewiston, ID

How far is Anchorage the Pacific Coast?

Which ocean are you talking about? Anchorage is a port city, if you're talking about the Pacific Ocean, there is no distance at all.

What kind of land-form is Mazatlan Mexico?

It is a resort city and commercial port located on the western, Pacific coast of Mexico.

What is Russia's largest port city on the pacific ocean?


Which major Russian city is on the pacific coast?

Vladivostok is the major Russian city located on the Pacific coast.

Furthest inland pacific port on the west coast?

Lewiston, ID

Is Acapulco a major city in Mexico?

Somewhat; it is a resort and port city with a population of 800,000. It is also a major tourist destination, especially for the local folks.

The lost city of the incas?

the pacific coast of south America .

What soviet city has a leading pacific port in russo-japanese trade?

Vladivostok on the east coast, and birth place of US actor Yul Brenner.

Which city in Mexico is their largest port city?

Veracruz, on the Gulf of Mexico coast, qualified as such until very recently, having a capacity of 15.9 million tonnes of cargo. Nowadays however, the largest port is the Lazaro Cardenas, located on the Mexican Pacific coast. It has a capacity for 30.7 million tonnes of cargo.

Is Acapulco a sea port?

Yes, Acapulco is a major sea port in the state of Guerrero on the Pacific coast of Mexico.

What country in central America does not have a pacific port?

Belize has only a carribean coast.