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Rank is a vague word. In most cases senator is "ranked" higher than mayor.

I'm going to assume you mean by who has more power and influence. If that is the question, then for mayors it really depends on what city, but in most cases, I'd say the senator is ranked higher. There are only 2 per state, whereas there are hundreds of cities per state with mayors (under population 5000 places are not allowed to have mayors). Mayors also work closely with the city council and don't really make all the decisions. A senator of even sparsely populated states carry a vote in congress and directly contributes to passing laws. Senators work in the White House impacting the country as a whole, whereas mayors can only make local decisions particular to that city.

That said, mayor of New York City is still relatively powerful and influential.

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I just needed 1 answer. It's either Mayor or Congressman
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The mayor controls a town the governor controls the state

so governor is higher

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Q: What position is higher congressman or mayor?
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Governor is typically a higher position than congressman. Governors are the chief executive of a state, while congressmen serve at a federal level in the legislative branch.

Who is higher congressman or governor according to constitutional law?

The governor is a higher position than congressman. The congressman is one of many. He alone can pass no law. The governor can often create law through proclamation, regulation, or writ.

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Have the right to vote for mayor, president, govenor, congressman, or court justice.Get social security checks at retirement.Have the ability to become mayor, congressman, court justice, or president.Have the ability to go to collegeHave the ability to play professional sports.

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