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Overriding a presidential veto

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Calling special sessions of Congress
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Hes right tho for me
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Q: What power belongs on this list?
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The power to decide how territories are governed belongs to who?

It belongs to the congress

The power to declare war belongs to who?

The power to declare war belongs to the countries with the best weapons and tactics. Soldiers help too.

Is it true that the official power to declare war belongs to the President of the US?

No, that is not true. The official power to declare war belongs to Congress.

What is the definition of administrative power?

Is the power belongs the position he or she works not the power that he or she got

What is one power that belongs to the federal government?

The power to lay taxes.

Governments where power belongs to the leaders?


The power to declare war belongs to the ______________.?


The executive power belongs to the?

The president.

List three multinational organization that the US belongs to?

nato nafta

What government agency has power to declare war?

The power to declare war is a power that belongs to Congress.

What Under a confederation form of government most of the power belongs to the national central government?

False. In a Confederation, more power belongs to the individual, or state, governments.

What is called when Power belongs to the ruler or rulers?

They're Called Power Rangers