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Artemis the Greek goddess, is the goddess of the hunt, the moon, nature and Archery. Although Poseidon was the god of the sea, Artemis did have the power to make the waves move and flow at night. Silver belongs to Artemis like gold belongs to Apollo her twin bro. Apparently, Artemis can talk to animals.

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Her powers were over the moon and the Hunt.

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Q: What powers did Artemis posses?
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What are Artemis's powers?

Artemis's powers are to heal.

Why did Artemis get powers?


How did the Goddess Artemis get her powers?

She was born with it.

What is Thalia Grace's power?

Zeus powers, and The Hunters of Artemis powers

Who was Artemis's brother and what were his powers?

Apollo was Artemis's sister she was never married and was the daughter of Zeus.

What are Artemis the goddess powers?

Artemis was the goddess of wild animals, wilderness, hunting and childbirth

What is thought to posses magical powers and is worn on the body?

A Talisman

Does Artemis use her powers for good?

yes she did

What were two gifts given to Artemis and Apollo?

Apollo Artemis' two powers were love and power

Is Aphrodite's love a weakness to Artemis?

Artemis is immune to all of Aphrodite's love powers, so no.

What powers do leprechauns posses?

The ability to make something disappear, etc.

What are the powers of the huntress Artemis?

Immortal Ageless Goddess