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Magneto can control all metal objects including cars planes and even Wolverines claws.

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Q: What powers does Magneto from X-Men have?
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Is magneto a xmen super villain?


Who are Magneto's adversaries in comic books?

Magneto's main adversary is Professor Charles Xavier (Professor X) the founder of the XMen and Magneto's former ally. Magneto is also the enemy of all the members of the XMen, especially Wolverine. Magneto is the founder of The Brotherhood of Evil Mutants. As such, he is the declared enemy of all humans (homo sapiens). Currently, Magneto joined the X-Men on Utopia and became one of their members. Therefore, now his enemies would be the same enemies of the X-Men.

What brand of sunglasses does Magneto wear in Xmen First Class?

don't know. Byt they are awsome

Who is onslaught in xmen?

Onslaught is a being that was created from the merging consciousnesses of Charles Xavier and Eric lensherr (Magneto).

What is masterminds in xmen powers?

He creates intense illusions

Which xmen did mangto went to jail?

At the end of the first X-Men movie, Magneto goes to jail. You then see him in the prison during X2.

Is magneto an omega level mutant?

He is a class 3 mutant if you saW xmen the last stand you would have seen Magneto say that he was class 3

What powers the headlight on a 1986 suzuki LT185?

the magneto

What is the shape shifters name in xmen?

Mystique- she it a extremely flexible and nimble mutant with orange hair and... blue somewhat reptilian skin. She serves magneto as an assassin.

What character has magnetic powers in Lego marvel superheroes?

The character with magnetic powers in Lego Marvel Superheroes is Magneto. Magneto is a fictional character from the X-Men universe who has the ability to manipulate magnetic fields, allowing him to control metal objects and exert powerful forces.

What are the three powers optiions in xmen destiny?

density control, shadow matter and energy projection

How do aliens react?

Who knows? maybe they speak, ir maybe they have mutant powers! like in the xmen! So cool!