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president who died in office that is considered to be the worst president

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Q: What president died in office was considered by many historians to be the worst president?
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Who is the worst president so far?

Who the best U.S. president was is a matter of opinion. Here are some of those opinions:Barack ObamaThe best U.S. President was John F. Kennedy.There is considerable scholarly debate about the rankings of presidents. Obviously, there is no "factual" answer.However, virtually all historians and presidential scholars rank Abraham Lincoln as the "best" President.

Is Mugabe the worst president in the world?

He is terrible and bad but it is debateble as to whether he is the worlds worst leader, his policies have no real world wide impact and are restricted to Zimbabwe itself (Not counting refugees) But some people think he is the worst dictator. See the worlds worst dictator. Regardless of the impact of Mugabe's policies on the outside world he is still one of the worst (If not worst) leaders presently in power as bad as he ishe was not the worst president, the worst one was Barock Obama.

Why was Johnson considered the worst person to become president accidentally?

He wasn't considered the worse. Actually, he was a man who had many connections in Congress,knew where the bodies were buried, and was very powerful in his way. He and Kennedy didn't like each other, but Johnson was very competent for his role. He held the country together in a very bad time and took to steps needed when they were required. He did get mired down in Vietnam, but he was the 3 president to be engaged in the problems there. He had to contend with the problem he inherited.

What is the worst punishment that can come from an impeachment?

impeachment can't extend any further than removal of office The U.S Constitution Article:1 Section:3

Who was the president when the stock market crashed in 1929?

The worst stock market crash occurred 1929-1932 when Herbert Hoover was President.Next worst was March 1937-March 1938 under Franklin Roosevelt.The Panic of 1907 was under Theodore RooseveltCrash of 1919-1921 was under Wilson and HardingCrash of 1901 to 1903 was under Theodore RooseveltCrash of 1973-1974 was under Gerald Ford.Crash of 1939-1942 was under Franklin RooseveltCrash of 1916-1917 was under Woodrow WilsonCrash of 2000-2002 was under George W. Bush.

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Which president was considered as the worst president?

The general consensus among historians is that James Buchanan was the worst.

Who is considered to be the worst Vice President according to historians?

I am unaware of whether there is a consensus, but Spiro Agnew was certainly among the worst.

Why was Andrew Johnson considered a bad President?

Andrew Johnson is considered by most historians to be the worst President of the United States. He grossly miscalculated public policy perceptions and did not have a knack for peace making.

Is Obama the worst president of all time?

Whether a president was good or not can only be determined after said president leaves office. President Obama hasn't even completed a year in office - it is too early to say one way or another.

Who was worst US Presidents?

Most historians consider James Buchanan as the worst.

Why was James Buchanan considered the worst president?

He failed to act on multiple opportunities to prevent the US Civil War.

Who was a worse president Franklin Pierce or George W. Bush?

Historians will argue about that.AnswerGeorge W. Bush is probably the worst president. He led this country into a false war. His economic policies almost sent this country into the second depression.

Is Andrew Johnson the worst president?

No he is the second worst president next to George Bush.

Was idi amin the worst president of Uganda?

Yes, he was Uganda's worst President by far.

Was Carter or is Obama the worst President in history?

That is an unfair question, since it assumes both of these men did a bad job, and that is not necessarily true. Carter had his detractors, but now that several decades have passed, history is showing that some of his decisions were actually quite reasonable. As for Obama, clearly you do not like him, but that does not make him the worst president. In fact, it should be noted that President Bush inspired similar comments from those who disliked him-- it is also true that many other presidents have been called the worst president in history. Many historians would say that one candidate for "worst president" was Richard Nixon, who was nearly impeached for corruption and had to resign from the presidency.

Who is the worst president that ever lead America?


Who is the US president that worst in spelling?

The president who was worst in spelling was the man who would become our first president. His name is George Washington.