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On May 30, 1806 Andrew Jackson killed Charles Dickinson in a duel over a dispute about payment of a horse-racing bet. Jackson was severely wounded.

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Q: What president dueled in 1806?
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Who was vice-president in 1806?

George Clinton was the Veep in 1806.

Why do people duel-what was the purpose of it?

Some people dueled because it was a legal way to have a chance to get revenge on a person they hated. Even Andrew Jackson dueled before he became president.

When did Andrew Jackson duel Dickinson?

Andrew Jackson dueled with Charles Dickinson on May 30, 1806. The duel was fought in response to a personal dispute between the two men, resulting in Dickinson's death and Jackson being seriously wounded but surviving.

Who was the president of Mexico when France invaded?

Benito Juarez (1806-1872) was such president.

Who is the president that had the most election in 1806?

Abraham Lincoln

Who all dueled Andrew Jackson?

In 1806, he fought Charles Dickinson and killed him . That was his only real duel. He was involved in 2 other almost duels, but at the last moment, both parties agreed to settle the situation peaceably.

Who was the only president to kill another in a duel?

No two U.S. Presidents ever dueled, but Vice President Aaron Burr killed Treasury Secretary Alexander Hamilton in a duel.

Who was the president from 1803 to 1806?

Those dates account for half of Thomas Jefferson's time in office. He served as President from 1801-1809.

Who was the first Indian president of Mexico?

Benito Juarez (1806 - 1872)

Who organized a movement to keep Mexico independent from France?

The president of Mexico, Benito Juarez (1806-1872).

What is the name of a Zapotec Indian president of Mexico?

Benito Juarez (1806-1872)

Who were the two people at the request of president Jefferson explored the northern part of the Louisiana purchase in 1804 1806?

Lewis & Clark were the two people at the request of president Jefferson