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Andrew Jackson expanded presidential power by using the veto more often. Before him, presidents only used the veto if they believed a bill passed by Congress to be unconstitutional and issued few vetoes. Jackson vetoed bills that he believed were bad for the country and so very vetoed many more. He also stood up to the Supreme Court and sometimes ignored their decisions.

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Andrew Jackson

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President Eisenhower

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Q: What president greatly expanded presidential power?
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What will be the legacy of Barack Obama that Americans limit presidential powers?

It is difficult to say at this point, since President Obama's term has not been completed. But it should be noted that presidential power has expanded dramatically over the past several decades. President Reagan expanded it, as did President Clinton and President Bush, and President Obama has continued that trend to some degree. It should also be noted that the complaints about expansion of presidential power are not new: if you read newspapers from the 1930s, the same complaints were leveled by critics of President Roosevelt. In fact, critics of President Lincoln accused him of it too. Part of the problem has to do with how dysfunctional the congress is. In eras when congress is bogged down in partisan bickering or when congress lets the president do whatever he wishes (many people who oppose a strong chief executive now were fine about it when President Bush was in office, for example), the power of the president expands. And once it has expanded, it's difficult to reverse that trend, nor does the next president want to give back the power the previous president had.

How has the power of the president change over the year?

Presidential power has grown

How is power acquired in presidential democracy?

You have to become a president.

How did the power of government change during the civil war and great depression?

Presidential powers were expanded

What president has gone beyond their presidential power?

bill clinton

How has the executive article fueled debate on presidential power?

The executive article fueled debate on presidential power because of the people. They thought the president does not have enough power.

What has not been a factor in the growth of presidential power?

the president's clemency powers.

Is a presidential veto considered a reserved power?

no. a presidential veto is a power of the president, who is a part of the executive branch of the federal government. it is a delegated power. powers of the states are referred to as reserved powers.

What is the presidential pardon power?

The presidential pardon power is the authority granted to the President of the United States to grant clemency and forgive federal offenses. The President can use this power to release individuals from legal consequences or reduce their sentences. It is a discretionary power and can be exercised at any time during a President's term in office.

The president appoints a cabinet to assist in carrying out the presidential power of?

administering the law

How is the current leader placed in power in Romania?

The president is elected after presidential elections.

What wars contributed to the expansion of presidential power?

the president's clemency powers?