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Q: What president had split a term?
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Have any presidents served a split term?

No president has served a term that was split. Grover Cleveland, served two separate terms, which were split by four years served by another president, Benjamin Harrison..

Who defeated president James Buchanan?

Buchanan did not run for a second term. His party split and he was never a candidate for re-nomination by either of the remaining parties.

What is the term for president in estonia?

The term for a president in Estonia would be a president.

Who was the only president whose party did not elect him for another term in the U S?

Franklin Pierce was the only president who was nominated and won for a party that refused to nominate him for a second term. James Buchanan also failed to get a nomination for a second term, but his situation was different in that his party split up over the slavery issue. "Accidental" presidents Tyler, Fillmore, Andrew Johnson and Arthur, who were never nominated for the presidency but became president on the death of the president, also failed to be nominated by their parties for a another term.

What is a term for a president?

The term for a president is 4 years long.

Can you vote a split ticket in the presidential election?

You can not split your choice for President and vice president. However, you can cross over to the other party for your votes for US congressmen and senators if you wish.

Who is the only president to have served one term as president been out of office for one term and thn be reelected for another term as president?

22nd & 24th President Grover Cleveland

Who was Lincoln's third vice president?

Abraham Lincoln was the US President for two terms. In his first term, Hannibal Hamlin was his Vice President, and in his second term, Andrew Johnson was his Vice President. President Lincoln was shot 6 weeks into his second term, and Andrew Johnson became President. Thus, Abraham Lincoln did not have a third Vice President.

What is the term of office in years for the president?

President's term is four years but can be re-elected for a second term.

How long is a term of office for a US vice-president?

The term is four years and coincides with the president's term.

What is a slang term for the President's other title?

The slang term for president is Prez

How long is the term of Singapore president?

The President of Singapore serves for 6 years in a term.