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president bush went longest without issuing a veto, he also was one of the most unliked president of all time.

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Q: What president has gone the longest time before using his veto power?
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How did president Reagan strengthen the conservative movement using his presidential power?

president reagan appointed conservative judges to federal courts

What president greatly expanded presidential power?

Andrew Jackson expanded presidential power by using the veto more often. Before him, presidents only used the veto if they believed a bill passed by Congress to be unconstitutional and issued few vetoes. Jackson vetoed bills that he believed were bad for the country and so very vetoed many more. He also stood up to the Supreme Court and sometimes ignored their decisions.

How does the Constitution keep the three parts of government from getting too much power?

The constitution keeps the power evenly distributed between the three branches of government by using a system of checks and balances. This basically means that if one branch is exceeding the limits of power, another branch can "check" it. For example; if a president (the executive branch) is gaining too much power and enacting unfair laws, congress (the legislative branch) can vote to impeach the president or something like that and "check" the president's power. Likewise, if congress exceeds its limits, the judicial branch can declare a bill or law unconstitutional and check the power of congress. Each branch has a little power over the other, which balances the power.Hope this helps (:

Who has the powers not written in the Constitution?

congress's power to appoint supreme court justices Powers are not written in the constitution are called "Informal powers" and are used by... for instance the President in making a cabinet. Nothing in the constitution says he can do this yet by using his "informal power" he is allowed to do so.

Why might the president give an executive order rather than create a new law?

Presidents can offer directives about something they already have power over, but one reason that a president might issue an executive order is to get around congress, and not be subject to the normal checks and balances built into our government. Congress makes new laws... the president cannot. In the past, several presidents have been criticized for using executive orders to take more power than they should have.

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Why does the president have more power than ever before?

Because he has everyone scared and using that fear to fuel his power

How did jacksons policies define the new democratic party?

Jackson believed that the president should have greater power... and he was the first president that asserted his executive powers by using the veto..which no president before him had done before... Before Jackson the congress had all the power.. and the president was very weak.. but after Jackson the president became more like what we have now...

How can congress check the president power to veto laws?

by using the forces of cheese

How did president Reagan strengthen the conservative movement using his presidential power?

president reagan appointed conservative judges to federal courts

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Who started the policy of using US economic and military power to stop Communists from gaining contol in the Middle East?

President Eisenhower President Eisenhower

When the President refuses to sign a bill so it can become a law he is using what power?

Think your talking about a veto.

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