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Very few, if any, recent presidents fulfill their campaign promises. Often the promises are vague and there is a difference between what the candidate promises in his campaign speeches and his party's platform. Practically every recent President or his party promised to reduce the deficit or even to balance the budget but none have done so. Presidents often promise to cut government waste, streamline the bureaucracy, eliminate duplication of responsibility and maybe even reduce the number of government workers, but none ever does.

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James K. Polk.

He only had 5 promises: to acquire California from Mexico, settle the Oregon dispute, to lower the tariff, to create a sub-treasury, and to not run for a second term.

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The best president ever is Lincoln. he kept all his promises. Hense the phrase honest Abe

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James Polk

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Q: What president kept all their promises?
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Has Barack Obama kept all his promises?

I don't know of any president (or mayor or governor, for that matter) who keeps all of his/her promises. When people are running for office, they often talk in ideal terms, to get voters to support them. "If I'm elected, I will do X, Y and Z." And at the time, the candidate may genuinely believe that if elected, these things will really get done. But the problem is that in politics, a governor or a mayor, and especially a president, cannot make unilateral decisions. Their agenda has to move through the legislature. In the case of a president, it depends on the congress, which may decide to obstruct everything a president wants to do. So, yes it is true that Barack Obama made promises he has not kept (or has not yet kept). His supporters would point out that there has been a record level of obstruction in congress, and he has done his best to overcome it. But his detractors would say he broke the promises he made and cannot be trusted. It should also be noted that Mr. Obama kept a number of the promises he made during his campaign. If you want an objective list of the promises he made versus those he kept and those that are still in the works, the website keeps a "truth-o-meter" on recent presidents, including Mr. Obama.

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How was Gandhi trustworthy when he freed India?

He kept all of his promises, including freeing India from British rule.

What are some funny facts about James Polk?

he kept all his promises, including not running for a second term.

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Promises should be kept.If you want to you can add by one. But this is not necessary.Using 'one' is a bit formal it would be better to use 'people'.Promises should be kept by people.

What allowed Hitler to obtain his long sought after permanent dictatorship?

Appeasement. He kept promises to avoid war with other countries and eventually broke all promises and started war.

What were the responsibilities of James K. Polk?

Polk is the only US President to have kept all of his campaign promises, including his promise not to seek a second term. His most difficult one was the annexation of the Soutwestern territories from Mexico.

Why promise are meant to be broken?

Promises are meant to be kept, but there are a lot of treacherous people in the world who do not keep their promises.

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Will Obama keep ALL his promises?

No matter how good the intentions of the president are (and this applies to all presidents), what they say they want to do and what they are actually able to do are two very different things. When campaigning, candidate Obama made a number of promises (as all candidates do), but once he gets to Washington, he has to work with congress, and if history is any guide, many of his priorities will not get passed, or will be watered down. Thus, it is unlikely President Obama will keep all of his campaign promises.

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