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Q: What president nickname was Miss Nancy?
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What was Nancy Crater's nickname for Dr McCoy in Star Trek?

Nancy Crater's nickname for Dr. Leonard McCoy was "Plum".

What is a nickname for Nick and Nancy?


Was Nancy Polosi ever Miss America?

No, Nancy Polosi was never Miss America. She didn't participate in pageants.

What was Nancy hart's nickname?

the q&a wiki

What was Ronald Reagan's nickname for his wife Nancy?


Who was the Miss America winner in 1961?

Miss Michigan Nancy Fleming was crowned Miss America 1961.

Was Elvis grandmother nickname Little Miss Love?

No. Her nickname was Dodger.

Does Diana have a nickname?

Miss Ross

When this president was a child his nickname was bubba?

"Bubba" was the nickname for President Bill Clinton.

Which president had the nickname happy warrior?

It was a Vice President, rather than a President, who had the nickname The Happy Warrior. The nickname belonged to Hubert Humphrey, the 38th Vice President of the United States.

What president's nickname was giant killer?

I can find no record that any US President had this nickname.

Who won the Miss Congeniality title in 1978?

Nancy Wierzbicki