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Q: What presidents had bulldogs?
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are bulldogs good for?

what do bulldogs do

Do bulldogs have dandruff?

football sports bulldogs: yes pet bulldogs: no

Are bulldogs reptiles?

No, bulldogs are mammals.

What phylum do bulldogs belong in?

The phylum bulldogs belong in is, Chordate.

what color are bulldogs?

Bulldogs are usually red and brown.

How many varieties of bulldogs are there?

there are 17 varieties of bulldogs

What do pugs french bulldogs and bulldogs have in common?

Pugs, french bulldogs, and bulldogs all have wrinkles. That is what they have in common.

What are bulldogs breed for?

Bulldogs were originally bred for bullbating, but nowadays Bulldogs are bred to be beloved family pets or companions.

What do wild bulldogs eat?

wild bulldogs would be related to wolves. so, of course, wild bulldogs will eat meat and will hunt in packs if there are enough numbers of wild bulldogs.

What color are bulldogs usually?

Bulldogs are usually red and brown.

How do bulldogs travel?

Bulldogs use their legs/paws for locomotion.

When did Windsor Bulldogs end?

Windsor Bulldogs ended in 1964.