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Q: What presidents had the first name William?
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Name three other presidents besides Clinton whose first name was William?

The three other U.S. presidents whose first name was William are William Henry Harrison, William McKinley, and William Howard Taft.

What is your ninth presidents name?

William Henry Harrison

What is William McKinley's middle name?

William McKinley is one of two presidents to not have a middle name. His full name was William McKinley Jr.

How many US Presidents have the first name William?

Four, they were Harrison, McKinley, Taft and Clinton.

Which presidents have middle names of presidents last name?

Ronald Wilson Reagan and William Jefferson "Bill" Clinton

What was William Shakespeare's first name?

His first name was WILLIAM

What prestident of the us first name starts with the letter t?

There have been no U.S. presidents with a first name starting with T. There have been 4 U.S. presidents with a last name starting with T. They are:· William Howard Taft· Zachary Taylor· Harry S Truman· John Tyler

What are the first names of all the presidents that were assinated?

Abraham, James, William and John

Which of all the presidents had a different last name at birth?

William Jefferson Clinton (was born William Jefferson Blythe III)

Which president was nicknamed smiling bill?

There is no record of United States President with the nickname "Smiling Bill." There were, however, four presidents with the first name William: William Henry Harrison, William McKinley, William Howard Taft and Bill Clinton.

Who was the first presidents name?

George Washington

Was William Henry Harrison the first president to do something?

No. Previous presidents did things as well.