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George Washington was the only US president who's inauguration ceremony was held in New York. April 30, 1789 at New York's Federal Hall.

John Adam's inauguration was in Philadelphia, after that inauguration have been help in Washington DC.

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George Washington's

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Q: What presidents inauguration was in New York?
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Where. Was the first presidential inauguration held?

The first presidential inauguration was in New York City, which was the first US capital.

What was the Date of first inauguration day?

The first inauguration was on April 30, 1798 and it was for George Washington. It was held in New York City, New York.

What is the Presidents inauguration month?

The next Inauguration Day will be January 20, 2009. hat is the day when the new president is sworn in.

What comes first presidents election or inauguration?

Election then inauguration.

Location of George Washingtons inauguration?

New York.

In what city was the first inauguration April 30 1789?

The first inauguration was held in the city of New York.

Where in New York City was the first inauguration?

Federal Hall.

Did any presidents die at their inauguration?


What date is New York governor inauguration?

January 1, 2011

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What were the 3 presidents who had poets read an inauguration?

The 3 Presidents who had poets read at their inauguration are: John F. Kennedy ~ Bill Clinton ~ and Barack Obama.

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