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Some presidents were re-elected and so had more than one inauguration. Presidents who take office due to the death or resignation of the President do not have an inauguration ceremony unless they are later elected to a term of their own. Four presidents never had a inauguration ceremony. FDR had four.

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Those four were:  John Tyler (following WHHarrison's death), Millard Fillmore (following ZTaylor's death), Andrew Johnson (following ALincoln's death), and Gerald Ford (following RNixon's resignation and was never elected either VP or Pres).
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There have been 57 Presidential Inauguration Ceremonies, one for each of the 57 U.S. Presidential Elections to date. The 16 Presidents who were each elected twice had two inauguration ceremonies, and the President who was elected four times had four inaugural ceremonies.

Also, including Obama, there have been 43 U.S. Presidents (they like to count Grover Cleveland twice because his terms were not consecutive).

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Q: Why is there more inaugurations than the forty-four presidents there are?
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