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Yes. Ronald Reagan graduated from Eureka College in Eureka , Illinois.

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President Barrack Obama

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Q: What presidents went to university of Chicago?
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How many presidents have graduated from the university of Syracuse?

No US presidents ever went to Syracuse U.

Which university did E Fermi move to after columbia university?

he went to the University of Chicago.

Where did paul finkelman go to college?

paul finkelman went to Ph.D. University of Chicago 1976 MA University of Chicago 1972 BA Syracuse University 1971

How many presidents went to University of Michigan?

One. Gerald Ford was a U. of M graduate.

Where did Lori Lightfoot go to college?

Lori Lightfoot went to University of Michigan (BA)University of Chicago (JD)

Which U.S. presidents went to college?

Chester A. Arthur; Jimmy Carter did graduate work in reactor technology and nuclear physics; William McKinley attended Albany Law School which is a part of Union University, which is now a consortium between The University at Albany (SUNY) and Union College, but was not when McKinley went there.

Where did Adam Silver go to college?

Adam Silver went to Duke University (BA)University of Chicago (JD)

Where did James d Watson go to college?

James D. Watson attended the University of Chicago for his undergraduate studies and later earned his Ph.D. from Indiana University.

When was Presidents of the University of Montana created?

Presidents of the University of Montana was created in 1893.

What are some of th jobs or schools that the president went to?

Some of the jobs President of the United States, Barrack Obama previous had include being the community organizer at the Altgeld Gardens housing project in Chicago, and a professor at University of Chicago Law School. He also went to school at Harvard University and Columbia University.

In which city was the first nuclear pile went into operation in December 1942?

Chicago in a University squash court.

Did Shel Silverstein go to collage?

Yes he went to The University of Illinois for a year hen he got kicked out, after that he went to Chicago Academy of Fine Arts for a year, then he went to Roosevelt University for 3 years tell he got rafted into the army.