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He could boss them around

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Q: What privileges did the captain enjoy that were forbidden the sailors in Two years before the Mast?
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What is the Judicial privileges?

this is super cool in have never done this before:)

Why did the british navy impress american sailors?

The way the navy was treated was poor so they escaped the British navy to join the Americans but the British know this so the stopped ships to take back the escaped soldiers but took American sailors to.They wanted to disable American navel power and to gain new sailors for their many ships.

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What does size have to do with sailing?

Ok well by "size" do you mean a persons size? a boat size or what? In racing peoples body weight is a very significant factor with Olympic sailors shedding as much weight as possible before an event. For instance - A top racing crew weight in a 420 class dinghy should weigh about 120kg to 130kg. Also a boats length has an effect on the speed of the boat. If you put a 50hp engine on a little tender then itsll go X speed. If you replace it with a 100hp engine it will still go X speed. This has something to do with the "waterline length" of the boat.

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this is super cool in have never done this before:)

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