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Illinois v. Allen :: 397 U.S. 337 (1970) It basically means a defendant has a right to be present during a trial, as per Constitutional rights, unless the defendant is disruptive. Then, the person can be removed and the trial go on without the person there.

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Q: What procedure did the US Supreme Court suggest might be used against an unruly defendant during a trial proceeding and in what decision was the procedure suggested?
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The judge asked, "Has the jury reached a decision about the guilt or innocence of this defendant?"

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A defendant is not obligated to take the services of the public defender. If a defendant wishes to hire private counsel, he has that right, or if he wishes to defend himself, he has that right. If the defendant wishes to defend himself, the judge will inquire as to if the decision is knowing and voluntary, and if so, will allow the defendant to do so. It is a very important decision, and not one to be made lightly.

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If the Plaintiff or the Prosecutor disagreed with the judge's decision to dismiss the charges against the plaintiff/defendant, they might characterize the judge's decision as "unjust" meaning they did not agree with the judge's legal reasoning for doing so. OR -- in an employment situation -- it might refer to the dismissal of an empolyee under conditions that were not according to prevailing law or procedure.

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A legal precedent is called "controlling" in a court proceeding if the precedent is a decision rendered by a court to which any judgment of the court in which the proceeding is occurring can be appealed, either immediately or ultimately.

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It is customary, and it is done out of respect to the jury and/or judge who renders the judgement.

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An absolvitor is a decision or decree in law made by a court in favour of the defendant in a given action.

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Sometimes the judge may decide the case immediately, announce his or her ... some judges hear the case and issue a decision that becomes effective only if .... If the defendant's motion is denied, the defendant has 10 days from the date to appeal.