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B. Social movement; I believe, only because that movement based a lot from ideology.

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Q: What promotes the recognition of ideology?
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What are the advantages of logos?

It promotes public recognition for the company/brand. It makes it easier for the company to advertise.

What is conservative orientation?

Conservative ideology is philosophy that promotes traditional principles such personal responsibility and limited government. This is in contrast to liberalism which believes in equal opportunities for all.

What is a Ba'athist?

A Ba'athist is a supporter of Ba'athism, an Arab nationalist ideology which promotes the development and creation of a unified Arab state through the leadership of a vanguard party over a progressive revolutionary government.

Why did Mao Tse Tung believe that liberalism is an enemy of ideology?

Mao Tse Tung believed that liberalism, which focuses on individual freedoms and capitalism, threatened the goals of communist ideology. He argued that liberalism could undermine the unity and discipline necessary for achieving a socialist society, leading to exploitation and inequality. Mao saw liberalism as a challenge to the principles of collectivism and revolution that he believed were essential for building a communist society.

What is pronatalist ideology?

Pronatalist ideology is a belief system that promotes and encourages population growth, particularly through childbirth. It typically emphasizes the societal benefits of having more children, such as economic growth, cultural preservation, and the continuation of family lineages. Pronatalist policies may include incentives for parents to have more children and discouragement of voluntary childlessness.

What is the ideology of the colossus of Nero?

The ideology of the colossus of Nero is the Augustan political ideology.

Subject of a propaganda painting?

A propaganda painting typically depicts a subject matter that promotes a political ideology, a social cause, or a particular viewpoint. These paintings are often created to influence public opinion or reinforce certain beliefs.

Which ideology is most in favor of free trade?

Neoliberalism is most in favor of free trade as it emphasizes minimal government intervention in the economy and promotes open markets for the flow of goods and services without restrictions or tariffs.

What is the cause for the decline of ideology?

Ideology has not declined.

Can sivaji movie ideology used?

Yes sivaji movie ideology can be used. It follows a very cool ideology of being good in person. Everybody can follow its ideology.

What best describes pluralism?

Pluralism is the recognition and acceptance of diversity within a society, allowing for different beliefs, values, and lifestyles to coexist peacefully. It promotes inclusivity, mutual respect, and the celebration of various perspectives and cultures.

What is a Relationship between religion and ideology?

Well Ideology is a way of thinking. So the belief system of religions is their Ideology.