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workers in the steel mills wanted the right to negotiate for shorter working hours and living wage. they also wanted union recognition and collecstell corportive bargaining rights. in September 1919 the u.s steel corporation refused to meet the union representatives. this caused the the strike of 1919

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Q: What prompted the steel strike of 1919?
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What were the results of the 1919 steel strike?

The steel strike of 1919 caused a grievous setback crippling the union movement for a decade.

How did the steel strike of 1919 end?


How many strikes happened in 1919?

The rash of strikes during 1919 were mainly due to the aftermath of World War I, and problems with labor and union power struggles. The Great Steel Strike was the most widely-spread strike. Other strikes in 1919 were the Seattle General Strike, Barcelona Revolutionary Strike, Dutch Steel Workers Strike, and the General Steel Strike in France.

Industry of 1919 strikers seeking shorter hours and a living wage?

Steel Mill Strike!

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