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the last purchase the US officially made was Hawaii which became our 50th state on Aug. 21 1959.

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Q: What purchase did the US reach its present size?
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Who was president when the US bought Louisiana?

Thomas Jefferson was the US President in 1803 when he negotiated the purchase of the Louisiana Territory from France, for a total cost of about $15 million. The Louisiana Purchase doubled the size of The United States.

Who whom did the president of the US at the time of the purchase?


The addition of what territory more than doubled the size of the US?

alot of people would argue and say that it was the Louisiana Purchase, but it was actually the Mexican Cession. Addition: This is the problem when people randomly answer questions. The Mexican Cession was just over half a million square millions. The Louisiana Purchase was over 800,000 square miles. Maybe the original person who wrote this was thinking square km since the Mexican Cession is larger if one places it in KM and the Louisiana Purchase in square miles. However, if you convert one, you have to convert the other and that means the latter would still be larger.

What country did the US buy land from in the Gadsden Purchase?

MexicoThe Gadsden Purchase is a region of present-day southern Arizona and southwestern New Mexico purchased by the U.S. from Mexico on December 30, 1853, the last of such large territorial acquisitions in the mainland United States. The influence of the railroad industry sought expansion to the pacific coast through the recently acquired territories of the Mexican Cession. The land was too mountainous for the railroad project so it was imperative that the U.S. territory be expanded further south to allow for a direct route.

What purchase allowed the US to have a direct railroad line across the southern territory?

The Gadsden Purchase.

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What made the US mainland reach it's present size?

Gadsden Purchase

With what purchase did the us reach its current size?

The Louisiana Purchase.

How did the continental US reach it's present size?

The continental US expanded through a combination of land purchases (e.g. Louisiana Purchase, Alaska Purchase), treaties with other nations (e.g. Florida from Spain), and wars (e.g. Mexican-American War). Additionally, parts of the US were acquired through exploration and settlement.

Did The Louisiana Purchase tripled the size of the US?

The Louisiana purchase nearly tripled the size of the us

What did The Louisiana Purchase do yo the size of the US?

It doubled the size of the US

What size of the us purchase the Louisiana territory?

It doubled the size of the us!

Which purchase doubled the size of the us?

The Louisiana Purchase.

How did the Louisiana purchase increase the size of the us?

The Louisiana Purchase doubled the size of the United States.

How did the US grow in size with the Louisiana Purchase?

Twice the size.

What increased the size of the US?

The Louisiana Purchase

Did The Louisiana Purchase triple the size of the US?

Yes, the 1803 Louisiana Purchase from France more than doubled the size of the territorial area of the United States.

What US government purchase doubled the size of the US?

The Louisiana Purchase. Made in 1803 when Thomas Jefferson was President of the US.