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The southern kingdom of Judah was exiled to Babylon in 583 BC. The Babylonian king left some poorer Jews behind to till the ground. 70 years later, some of the Jews from Babylon returned to Judah. They found that the Jews had intermarried with some Philistines, one of Israel and Judah's most noted enemies in the Bible. These Jews were despised. The Jews weren't supposed to marry outside of their twelve tribes. This hatred of the Samaritans lasted centuries. When Jesus found the woman at the well, she was a Samaritan. Jesus shouldn't have been talking to a woman, let alone a Jew. In fact, when Jews had to travel from Jerusalem to Galilee, the shortest way was through Samaria. But they would take the long way around so as not to pass through. The Samaritans were despised by the Jews as dogs, half-Jews and half-Samaritans. They were known as half breeds.

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Samaritan race are people that are Half Jewish and Half Other race like a foreign nation.. Examples are Half Jewish Half White.. Half Jewish Half Greek.. Those are sumaritans.. Similar to the Mestizo race in the Philippines,Guam,Mexico and Latin and South America.. The Revised Chozo race made by Deondre Waltenberger have similarities to the Samaritans

Answer2: The term first appeared in Scripture after the conquest of the ten-tribe kingdom of Samaria in 740 B.C.E. ; it was applied to those who lived in the northern kingdom before that conquest as distinct from the foreigners later brought in from other parts of the Assyrian Empire. (2 Kings 17:29) It appears that the Assyrians did not remove all the Israelite inhabitants. See 2 Chronicles 34:6-9 and 2 Kings 23:19,20 Scripture that implies during King Josiah's reign there were Israelites still in the land. In time Samaritans came to mean the descendants of those left in Samaria and those brought by the Assyrians. At a still later period, the name carried more of a religious, rather than racial or political, connotation. Samaritan referred to one who belonged to the religious sect that flourished in the vicinity of ancient Shechem and Samaria and who held tenents distinctly different from Judaism. (from Insight on the Scriptures Vol 2 pp 847-848 Jehovah's Witnesses official website)

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The Samaritans were a half Greek and half Jewish people.

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I think that they are Arabic being that some of them came from babylonia.

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Q: What race are the samaritans?
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Samaritans are accepted by the State of Israel (i.e. they can enter and leave, have freedom and movement, and can apply for citizenship), but Samaritans are not accepted as Jews. Samaritans, during the times of Jewish presence in what is now called Israel and Palestine, were not Jews and did not observe Jewish rituals. They were co-inhabitants. (This is similar to how whites and blacks are co-inhabitants of the United States. They both come from the same cities and towns, but are not the same race.)

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