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Q: What region was stricken by animal plagues in the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries?
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What were some causes and effects of the intolerable acts?

Some of the effects are as follows:A. Suicide throughout coloniesB. Plagues and diseasesC. Mass MurderD. Increased sale of tobaccoE. Livestock being destroyedF. Depression throughoutG. Mass MigrationsEtc.Did that help?

How many people left Egypt with moses when the slaves were given their freedom?

The Bible says there were 600,000 fighting men among the Israelites, a figure which excluded the entire tribe of Levites. Scholars say that this would correspond to at least two and a half million people, including women, children, the elderly and infirm. However, the respected Israeli archaeologist, Israel Finkelstein says that more than ninety per cent of scholars believe that the Exodus from Egypt did not really happen.

Why were city-states formed in Ancient Greece?

When the Greek nomadic tribes seized land to settle on and become agricultural, the tribes took patches of river plains surrounded by mountains, establishing a citadel and then a city as the centre of the tribal patch. A city defended its territory from others, and so the independent city-state became the basis of the Greek world. When the cities sent out their growing surplus population which could not be sustained a city's limited land, they in turn seized a patch of land around the Mediterranean and more cities grew up, eventually numbering a couple of thousand.

What were the results of the 1885 Northwest Rebellion?

The Canadian Pacific Railway was completed because the government saw how quickly troops could be transported on it. There was an English-French conflict due to the hanging of Louis Riel. The Aboriginal Peoples were monitored and controlled according to the "Pass & Permit System". This would supposedly prevent them from being corrupted.

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What region was stricken animal plagues in the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries?


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The Bible says that God brought down ten terrible plagues on the nation of Egypt during the time of Moses and just before the Exodus, which is said to have taken place approximately 1440 BCE. We can expect the economic and social impact of these plagues to have been so dramatic that a good deal of evidence would be found in the Egyptian archaeological record. However, nothing has been found, either in the written records or in artefacts from the period, and the Egyptian economy continued on as if nothing had happened, not only through the fifteenth century but for centuries to come. The only rational conclusion seems to be that the ten biblical plagues never really happened in Egypt.

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charleznmarshall2 aha