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The Bible says there were 600,000 fighting men among the Israelites, a figure which excluded the entire tribe of Levites. Scholars say that this would correspond to at least two and a half million people, including women, children, the elderly and infirm.

However, the respected Israeli archaeologist, Israel Finkelstein says that more than ninety per cent of scholars believe that the Exodus from Egypt did not really happen.

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The story of the Jews' escape from Egypt is just that - a story. There has never been a shred of solid archaeological evidence to support the story. The Egyptians - always meticulous and detailed record keepers - nowhere make any mention of a viceroy called Moses, nor of a whole people being kept as slaves, of the seven plagues in quick succession, nor of a whole army including a pharaoh drowning in a freak flooding of the Red Sea.

Archaeologist today are generally of the opinion that the people that later came to be called the Jews were a group of semi-nomadic tribes living in western Mesopotamia that gradually drifted to the area called Palestine.

It is a very common occurrence with ancient tribes to have a semi-mythical story about its origins and its caims to its position amongst other tribes. This is one of them, serving - as do most of them - the useful purpose of creating a feeling of common origin and destiny and establishing the god-given origin and status of its basic laws and institutions.

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It is believed that Moses lead 2 million people out of Egypt.

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the Israelites did not flee. They left Egypt in an orderly fashion with Pharaoh's permission (Exodus ch.12). They numbered a total of over two million.

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Q: How many people left Egypt with moses when the slaves were given their freedom?
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