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African-Americans who were slaves were not given their freedom.

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Q: Which American people were refused their freedom even after the declaration of independence?
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Even after the declaration of independence was signed which American people were refused their freedom?

African Americans they were still treated as slaves

What was a major argument for American independence found in the declaration of independence?

they refused to sell products to Americans

Did the Declaration of Independence start or end the American Revolution?

It started it. The UK demanded that it be withdrawn. The Rebels refused.

Did patriots refused to sign the declaration of independence?


Who was the to sign the Declaration of Independence?

John Dickinson was hesitant in signing the Declaration of Independence. While others prepared to declare independence, Dickinson then refused to sign.

What kind of document is the declaration of independence?

... He [the King] has refused his Assent to Laws, the most wholesome and necessary for the public good. ...

Which delegate refused to sign the declaration of independence but joined the army?

John Dickinson.

Who didn't sign declaration of independence?

The state that refused to sign was New York.

What did george III do after he received the declaration of independence?

He refused agree to the US's independence and ordered British troops to restore British authority there.

What were causes of american war of independence?

When the colonists wrote the Declaration of Rights which included life, liberty, and property. King George refused to consider the Declaration of Rights and ordered British colonial leaders to prepare the colonial militias' weapons

Why was the Declaration of Independence important to the revolution?


Who did not attend the final vote on the declaration of independence?

George Clinton, Robert R. Livingston of New York, Thomas Willing of Philadelphia, and John Dickinson of Delaware did not sign.