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You need to answer this question because we don’t do homework and your teacher is looking for your critical thinking skills and how well you understood the lesson.

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Q: What relevance does this anomalous animal have for the old ideas of a perfectly created world What is the relevance of Ornithorhyncus to the idea of evolution which was beginning to be whispered?
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How would a scientist explain how organisms often seen perfectly suited to their environment?


Why does evolution stop?

Evolution does not stop; it is an ongoing process driven by changes in genetic material over generations. Environmental factors, genetic mutations, and natural selection continue to shape the traits of populations. The rate and direction of evolution may vary depending on the pressures and dynamics within a population.

Is it true that Charles Darwin didn't invent anything?

Perfectly true. He was a botanist not an inventor. He, with Russell, set forward a theory of why evolution occurs.Evolution is an accepted fact how and why it occurs is subject to theory.

What is Mitt Romney's view on teaching evolution?

Mitt Romney believes that God created the universe, and evolution is the mechanism He used to create humans. Romney believes that science classes should have evolution taught, not creationism or intelligent design. He states that they are perfectly fine in a philosophy, religion, or history classroom. This is his view from 2008. It seems that he has been relatively quiet on this issue since he started running for the Republican nomination.

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True of False As a result of hundreds of thousands of years of natural selection modern humans are now perfectly adapted to their environment?

False. Organisms are never ' perfectly adapted to the environment, as evolution is blind and can not predict the future, or create anew. All is ' tinkered ' together in the organism on top of adaptions that were from past environments. Natural selection adapts as best it can to the immediate environment and carries vestigial traits and poor engineering solutions on to future generations. ( appendix and the hole in the retina for two examples of this ) While man can shape his environment only a benighted social scientists could think we, as living organisms. are beyond natural selection and evolution, or that we have been perfectly adapted to the present environment.

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