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They were a big part Oglethorpe and the settlers were a key part in the war without them they would've last :( but they didn't :)

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Q: What role did James Oglethorpe and the Georgia settlers play in the War of Jenkins' ear?
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What coastal city did Oglethorpe and his settlers found?

James Oglethorpe and his settlers founded Savannah,Georgia.

Which state did James oglethorpe take the first English settlers to?


Where did the leader of Georgia James Oglethorpe get most of their settlers from?

James Oglethorpe had the idea of bringing over debtors, people who where in prison for owing money, to settle in Georgia colony.

1733 James Oglethorpe brought the first English settlers to which state?


Where did the settlers who found Georgia come from?

they came from England lead by James oglethorpe

What did James Oglethorpe think that most Georgia settlers would become?


Founder of Georgia?

The founder of the Georgia colony is James Oglethorpe. === ===

Why did Oglethorpe's plan for Georgia?

Georgia settlers went to Carolina to have larger farms.

Who established the colony of Georgia?

James Oglethorpe

Where did the first settlers of Georgia come from?

The first settlers of Georgia came from England in 1732. They were led by General James Oglethorpe and landed at what is now Savannah. The settlers established the colony of Georgia as a place for debtors and the poor to get a fresh start.

What rules of oglethorpe did Georgia settlers dislike?

He outlawed slavery and alcohol, much to the chargin of the colonists. Once Oglethorpe left Georgia, slavery was introduced to Georgia, and although Georgia's economy picked up, James Oglethorpe realized he was going back on the very reason he created Georgia: to aid the oppressed.

Who founded Savannah Georgia?

Savannah was founded by General James Oglethorpe.