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James Oglethorpe

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Q: Who was the proprietor of the colony of Georgia?
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Was colonial new york a proprietor colony?

no :)

Owner of a colony such as duke of york?


What is the definition of a proprietary colony?

a colony given to a proprietor to govern (in 17th century)

Who was Sir George Carteret?

He was a proprietor of the New Jersey colony. (John Berkley was also a proprietor of New Jersey)

What colony is north of Georgia?

The colony north of Georgia was South Carolina.

What colonies were started by a proprietor?

Georgia, Maryland, and Pennsylvania.

Who is the quaker founder and proprietor of the colony of Pennsylvania?

William Penn

What coloney was William penn the proprietor?

Pennsylvania was the colony he established.

What is term for the owner of a colony?

It proprietor :P -From Tran Thong

What is the term for owner of colony?

It proprietor :P -From Tran Thong

Which colony was established as a refuge for debtors and criminals?

When the original proprietor returned the land that would become Georgia to England, it became available to others. A philanthropist named James Oglethorpe received the grant and established Georgia as a refuge for former convicts and debtors.

Who was the founder of the Georgia colony?

Oglethorpe was the founder of the Georgia colony.