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The french in the American revolution gave supplies to the Americans from 1776 to 1778, and when war was officially declared on Britain by the Americans the french dedicated some of their troops, and naval fleets to helping the Americans defeat the british...hope i helped you =P

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Q: What role did the European powers play in the American victory did they gain anything?
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What are the European powers prohibited to do in the American continents?


What role did European powers play in the American victory?

Because France had a rivalry with Britain, the French helped the Americans by sending supplies and man power. Through America's victory of Britain the French gained the satisfaction of Britain losing a huge chunk of their empire.

How does monroe say the US will treat existing European colonies?

American policy warning European Powers not ti interfere with Americas

In 1914 which European powers were American businessman ready to trade with?

any country that could pay

How and why did colonies start to break away from European powers?

The colonies wanted to break away from European powers since they felt oppressed. They were able to achieve this through boycotts and protests which led to the American revolution.

The exclusive statement of American policy that warned European powers not to interfere with the Americans was called the?

it is monroe Doctrine

What did Monroe declare?

That, "'The American continents … are henceforth not to be considered as subjects for future colonization by any European powers".

What does victory made?

magic powers

Why was british defeat at saratoga important?

During the American Revolutionary War, the 1777 defeat of the British at Saratoga (through a succession of battles) was important for two reasons. First, it secured the northern border of the colonies against British excursions. Second, it convinced European powers, particularly France, to show formal (and significant) support for the Americans. European support led directly to American victory in the war as a whole.

Which one of these words is an adjective European powers expanded their influence in the seventeenth century?

...European powers... European is the adjective, modifying the word powers; but it should be capitalized.

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Why according to monroe should the American continents no longer be open to European colonization?

The United States planned to stay neutral in wars between European powers and their colonies.