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People play an important role in the country's political processes through their voting. Many people also join with others that support a specific candidate or cause and spread the information with others in their communities.

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Q: What role do people play in the country's political processes?
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What role do the people play in the country's political processes?

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Political parties have an important role to play in inducting/influencing members of the society in direct/indirect political participation in governing the state.The state has been assigned a function with the will of the people and by the people to govern by indirect representation through members elected in a political party. The non governing political parties become oppositions and expose the policies and the weaknesses in governing of the government by elected political party of the state to the people.

What role do the people play in the countries political processes according to the constitution?

Originally the only role the people played was voting for members of the House of Representatives. The Senate was to be elected by members of the state legislative bodies. That changed with the 17th amendment.Even today there is no constitutional provision for how the Electoral college chooses the president.

What is the social and political characteristics?

Social characteristics refer to traits and behaviors exhibited by individuals within a society, such as values, norms, and customs. Political characteristics pertain to the structure and dynamics of governance within a political system, including the distribution of power and decision-making processes. Both social and political characteristics play a significant role in shaping a society's functioning and development.

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