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Elijah Clarke was the Colonel of the rebel militia and Austin Dabney was a soldier for the rebel militia.

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Q: What roles did Elijah clarke and Austin dabney play in the revolutionary war?
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Battle of kettle creek Elijah clarke Austin dabney?

Austin Dabney- only slave to fight in Revolutionary war Elijah Clarke- led miltia

Who saved Elijah Clarke that was in the revolutionary war?

Austin Dabney saved Elijah Clarke's life in the battle of kettle creek

What African American was given credit for saving the life of Elijah Clarke in the Battle of Kettle Creek?

Austin Dabney

Free black who fought and was wounded at the battle of kettle creek?

It was Elijah Clarke who fought and was injured in the Battle of Kettle Creek

Who helped Colonel Clarke at Kettle Creek?

Austin Dabney

How did Austin dabney die?

The cause of death for Austin Dabney is not known. It is known that he died in Zebulon, Georgia in 1830. He was a slave who fought with the Americans in the Revolutionary War.

Who is the African American revolutionary war hero who fought at the battle of kettle creek?

y Austin Dabney

What role did Austin dabney peter Salem and cato stedman play in the revolutionary war?

They were all African-Americans who fought in the Revolutionary War.

What did Austin dabney do?

Austin Dabney was an African American slave that fought in the American Revolution after his master died.

When and where was Austin Dabney born?

Austin Dabney was born in Wake County, North Carolina in 1765

How did Austin dabney die in the war?

Not, he survived

When did Austin dabney die?

He died 1830.