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john chapmans, also known as ''johnny appleseed'' parents were Nathaniel dabney Chapman and elizibeth symond Chapman.

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Johnny appleseed's parents.

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Q: Who were Johnny Appleseed's parents?
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When is Johnny appleseeds death?

johnny apple seeds death

When is johnny Appleseeds birthday?

september 26

Why do you celebrate johnny appleseeds day?

he gave us apples

Where did johnny appleseeds seeds come from?

it comes from the apples that you eat , and you get it there

Who was the apalachee chief?

Johnny Appleseeds dad was a chief of apples

Who is johnny Appleseeds moms name?

Elizabeth and her madden name was Simons

Who was the apalachee indian's chief?

Johnny Appleseeds dad was a chief of apples

What was johnny appleseeds problem?

no one knows; scientists have pondered over it for years.

Did Johnny appleseeds invent something?

No, Johnny Appleseed (John Chapman) planted apple trees around the country.

Where Johnny Appleseed Planted Appleseeds?

johnny appleseed planted his apples in alot of places. one of those places was: along the brokenstraw river

Who are Johnny Appleseeds great-great-great-great-great nephews?

Bradley, Ryan, and Jeff Stewart

How was Johnny Appleseed very generous to others?

he planted appleseeds and then they all had apple trees and thanks to good old johnny, they lived happily ever after, the end.