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We're pretty sure about Julius Caesar, Hamlet and Henry V, which were performed about the time the Globe was built. Richard II was played at the Globe in 1601 in the hope that it would drum up support for the Earl of Essex (it didn't). We are definitely sure about Henry VIII which is what they were playing when the Globe burned down in 1613. Simon Forman saw Macbeth, The Winter's Tale and possibly Cymbeline at the Globe in 1610-11. Troilus and Cressida, All's Well That Ends Well, Measure for Measure, and The Tempest were likely played at the Globe as well.

There could have been revivals of his earlier plays, but we cannot be sure. It is possible that some did not appear on the public stage at all. There are no accounts of contemporary performances of Coriolanus or Timon of Athens.

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Q: What shakespeares plays were performed at the original globe?
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The name of the theater were Shakespeares plays were performed?

The Globe Theater

Where were William Shakespeares plays performed during his lifetime?

William Shakespeare's plays were performed in 'The Globe Theatre'.

What was the name of the theatre where many of Shakespeares's plays were performed?

The Globe Theatre.

Where were Shakespeares plays performed before the Globe Theatre?

Newington Butts Theatre

How how is Sam Wanamaker connected with Shakespeare?

He is the one who rebuild the globe theartre that demolished. And many shakespeares' plays were performed in the Globe theartre.

What is the name of the famous theatre in London where shakespeares plays were performed It has recently been rebuilt?

The Globe Theatre

Where were shakespeares plays perfomed?

The Globe Theater, London.

What was a theaer where many of shakespeares plays were presented?

The Globe Theater, one of many.

At what theatre were Shakespeares most well know plays first produced?

The Globe

When were shakespeares plays played?

Between 1599 and 1613. They were performed at the Globe, and most probably around midday as performances during the night were not possible to see, as there was no electricity for lighting. Hope that helps:) the original answer someone wrote something silly :)

What was the fist Shakespeares theater in London?

The Theatre playhouse or The Curtain are the most likely places, but nobody knows for sure. Later, his plays were performed at the Globe in the Summer and Blackfriars in the Winter.

What type of people performed in shakespeares plays?

Actors. Before 1660, only actors and no actresses performed in the plays.