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What ship was sunk in Oakland Beach R. I.? It wasn"t really a ship. If you stood in Gus's parking lot and looked out about 100 feet into the water south, there were the remains of a coal barge. About a dozen ribs and some planking. It was an unsightly mess. I don't know if it was cleaned up or if some hurricane did the job of getting rid of it. John Plante, Monticello, Maine

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Q: What ship is sunk At Oakland Beach Warwick RI?
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What happened to the speedwell?

The Speedwell, which was supposed to be the sister ship to the Mayflower, was sold because a problem with leakage was causing the ship to take on water. The ship was repaired by the new owners and made several successful voyages to the Colonies and back. There is no mention of the ship after its last voyage in 1751.

What was the incident on the seas that angered many Americans in 1915?

On May 7, 1915, a British passenger ship carrying 128 Americans and 4200 cases of ammunition was sunk by a German U-boat. American lives were lost. This incident infuriated many Americans who now called for war. President Wilson sent a pair of notes to Germany, asking for reparitions and a promise that passenger ships would not be sunk. In February 1916, Germany apologized. THE Lusitania

What part did the speedwell play in the pilgrims' voyage of America?

blah blah blah blah!!!!!

Why were the sailors of ancient times afraid of the sea?

They weren't sure what was out there. There was a belief that Islands were like giant magnets and pulled the nails from ships sinking them. When ships sunk there were no survivors and the people at home had to come up with reasons why they didn't return. So, going to sea was dangerous and it was. Imagine getting on a small ship the size of a basketball court and having no maps, no real control and believing that sea monsters will eat you.

Why events caused president Wilson to end neutrality in1917?

The sinking of the Lusitania an Ocean liner crossing the Atlantic that was sunk by German U-boats. it killed many americans.

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Yes. It is a compound noun.It refers to eithera) the event that occurs when a ship is sunk, grounded, or broken upb) the remnant of the ship wherever it remains, e.g. rocks, beach, ocean floor

What happened to the bodies that were not found on the Titanic Ship?

they sunk with the ship

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a ship that was sunk during ww2

How old was will turner when his ship sunk?

He Was Seven

What ship was sunk by a luxury liner in World War 2?

The Curacao was sunk by the QE 2

What US ship sank the CSS Alabama?

The Union ship, Kearsarge, sunk the Confederate ship, Alabama.

What was the name of the first ship US civilian ship to be sunk by a German submarine?

There is no ship known, it is not the Lusitania, which was an English ship.