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· At the top of the social structure was the King, who was assisted by a chief minister and a high priest. Next in ranking were the Ali's or chiefs, who varied in power depending on the depending on ancestral lineage and ability. Chiefs ruled over portions of the land at the approval of the King, who could remove and replace them as he pleased.

The Kahuna, or priest's craftsmen were below the Chiefs in temporal power but ahead in spiritual power. They specialized in canoe-building, medicine, the casting and lifting spells, and in other fields. The majority of Hawaiians were commoners (makaainana), they did most of the hard work like, building fishpond walls, houses, fishing, farming, and making tapa cloth. Below the commoners were the 'Kauwa, or outcasts. Little is known of their origins or their true role in Hawaiian society, although they were believed to be slaves of the lowest order.

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Q: What social structure does Hawaii have?
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