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Major sporting events make headlines. Political events, like elections, make headlines. Weather events make headlines. National holiday events make headlines. Stories relating to high profile people make headlines. Major successes for the country or some people in it make headlines. These and many other national events make headlines.

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Q: What sort of national events make headlines in your country?
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James Earl Ray made headlines after he assassinated civil rights leader, Martin Luther King, Jr. The news of Ray killing King made national and worldwide headlines.

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It has since died down, but the largest street gang in Turkey was called The 36 boys. They continue to make headlines due to their history in the country, and what they had done.

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No. There was Pearl Harbor in 1941 and before that Little Big Horn in 1878. During the civil war there were also headlines about battles.

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The national anthem of which country. If you want us to answer your questions please make them specific. You may know which country you live in but unless you tell us in your question, how are we supposed to know, we answer questions from all over the world.