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The state George mason represented was Virgina

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Q: What state did George Mason represent?
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Where is George Mason located?

George mason lived in Gunston Hall Virgina.

What state is george mason university in?

George Mason University is located in the state of Virginia. They also have online classes.

What state did George Washington represent at the constitutional convention?

George Washington represented the state of Virginia

What state did George Clinton Represent?

New York

What was George mason's nickname?

George Mason Patriots

When did George Mason I die?

George Mason I died in 1686.

Do George Mason University Police have jurisdiction outside the campus?

George Mason University is a branch of the University of Virgina. In most states, police departments of the state university's are actually state police officers. In that case their jurisdiction is the entire state. I know this is true in Tennessee.

What has the author George Heming Mason written?

George Heming Mason has written: 'George Heming Mason' -- subject(s): Exhibitions

Who did George Mason marry?

George Mason married Ann Eilbeck.

When was George Mason born?

George Mason was born on December 11, 1725.

When did George D. Mason die?

George D. Mason died in 1948.

What is George Mason's birthday?

George Mason was born on December 11, 1725.